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Have you ever heard of ISO 9001 Certification?

You may be asking, “what is ISO?”

ISO is an organization that began at a meeting in London in 1946 after World War II. The purpose of this meeting was to create an international body for the purpose of coordinating the unification of industrial standards.

Basically, business owners wanted everyone to be on the same page, or at least working from the same playbook when it came to mass production as commerce was becoming much more global in nature.

ISO was officially launched as an organization ensuring a set of standards in 1947 and has been a coveted certification since that time.

In order for a business to become ISO 9001 Certified they have to submit documented procedures showcasing their specific Quality Management System.

You have to prove you have a set process in place.

And you have to have evidence that the process is actually being followed.

After that is complete, an ISO Certified Auditor comes in to the business and verifies each step in the process, ensuring there are quality control checks in place for records, rejected products, corrective and preventive actions, and internal audits.

In order to keep your certification your processes must be reviewed annually and renewed every three years.

It is not inexpensive, and the time commitment to ensure a streamlined process is a massive undertaking, especially for a small business.

Now, How does this help you as a customer of Lynk Packaging?

Lynk is proudly ISO 9001 certified through 2021. 

By going through this rigorous process you can be sure when your order is placed for thousands upon thousands of packages in need of a custom design solution, that our certified and documented procedures will ensure your order is completed in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

These dynamic standards allow Lynk Packaging to focus on precisely meeting our clients’ requirements and exceeding customer expectations.

Imagine placing an order with a competitor who has not undergone this same quality control process. The uneasy feeling in your gut can’t be denied.

Why take a risk on a decision that may have disastrous results for your bottom line?

In contrast, we pride ourselves on the fact that working with Lynk will be a smooth and mutually beneficial transaction each and every time.

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